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Socially Responsible Investing

As a certified Responsible Investment Specialist (RIS), Patrick is held to the standards and principles of the Responsible Investment Association (RIA).


Responsible Investing - Your investments can make a world of difference.

It’s important to us that the companies we invest in on your behalf are good corporate citizens. At Counsel Portfolio Services, our active ownership approach promotes positive ESG (environmental, social and governance) policies at the companies we hold.


ESG is a rapidly growing area of focus in the investment community. It encompasses all of the major factors that determine whether a corporation is acting ethically and responsibly towards individuals, society and the world. 


Includes activities or negligence that result in harmful effects on the natural environment. Issues include hazardous waste, carbon emissions, energy consumption, water management and protection of habitats.


Situations that affect the welfare of a company’s employees, customers or suppliers are identified. Issues include employee safety, labour rights, conditions of workplaces where supplies are sourced, how communities are impacted and how consumer relations are managed.


Assessing governance involves whether or not a company operates in a responsible manner. Issues include independence of its board, executive compensation reflecting shareholder interest, anti-corruption measures, and proper accounting and audit practices.


You want an investment portfolio designed to reach your financial objectives and life goals. As a member of the larger community, you want to invest in companies that are held accountable to certain ethical standards. 
Our active ownership approach gives you the best of both worlds. We have the freedom to seek investment opportunities, wherever they may be while influencing ESG practices of companies at home and globally.


As part of the commitment by the broader IGM Financial group of companies, Counsel Portfolio Services has added controversial weapons as exclusions under our Responsible Investing Policy. Counsel will not knowingly invest in companies involved in the production, use or distribution of anti-personnel land mines or cluster munitions as part of this commitment to the Anti-Personnel Landmines Convention and the Convention on Cluster Munitions, as well as international efforts aimed at addressing humanitarian concerns surrounding the use of these weapons. We have engaged an independent third-party research provider to regularly supply us with a list of companies which are flagged for their involvement in cluster munitions or anti-personnel land mines.

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